TSW Rim and Wheel Packages


TSW Wheels Company

Founded by an ex-Formula One driver, TSW is one of the top names in the aftermarket wheel industry. Their custom rims are marketed all over the globe, however in the US and Europe custom rims by TSW are particularly admired. The constantly growing demand for the company’s wheels encouraged TSW to introduce a range of alloy wheel brands, including Mandrus, Cray, Huntington, and Redbourne, that address the needs of specific vehicles. Every day they do the same thing: they reinvent the wheel. Today, TSW is one of leading manufacturers of custom one-piece alloy wheels.

The company pioneered the race-inspired hex nut look that has been a popular choice for a great number of show cars. TSW believes that it is imperative to produce wheels which correctly fit each vehicle. That is why their rims are manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards, which often exceed the industry norm. As a result, a vehicle that sits on the TSW alloy wheels rides smoother and handles easier, while looking stylish and unique.

TSW wheels are born of a rich racing heritage. TSW has been involved in motor racing around the globe for over thirty years. Our involvement has ranged from the grueling 24-hour Le Mans to Touring Cars to Spec Miata. Many of the wheels are based on racing technology. TSW pioneered the race-inspired hex nut look that was featured in such standards as the Revo and Hockenheim R, which have been a popular choice for both grass-roots racing and show cars. In keeping with this rich racing heritage, many TSW wheels are named after past and present Formula One tracks.

TSW offers the widest array of finish option, including chrome, silver, bronze, gold, black, etc. When it comes to design solutions, TSW showcases rims that can satisfy the tastes and needs of even the most demanding clients. Using advanced design and manufacturing methods, TSW managed to craft wheels for virtually all vehicles that are on the road today. The wheels are built to TSW’s strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight.

TSW Wheels Manufacturing

TSW wheels are one-piece cast wheels, made to the highest standards of manufacturing.Casting is the most economical process for making lightweight custom wheels, and TSW has found it better to use the economy of casting to make wheels in very precise fitments and to exacting standards rather than using more expensive forging, as there is very little difference in weight and performance between cast and forged wheels in regular wheel sizes.

Although forging can produce stronger and lighter wheels, the enormous difference in price is not motivated except for wheels that are 20″ or bigger. For these bigger sizes, the rims of cast wheels get to heavy. A heavy perimeter on a big wheel makes for a “flywheel” or “gyro” effect that makes the wheel want to continue travelling straight on, thus making the vehicle less responsive to steering input and on braking.

TSW has found that rotary forged lips are motivated for its high performance Nurburgring and Interlagos wheels. This process makes the perimeter of the wheels lighter and thus contributes to the responsiveness of the vehicle. These wheels are cast in the same manner as the other TSW wheels, and then put in a machine where the wheel is spun at high speed, while the lip of the wheel is heated and rollers press it against a template machined to the precise shape of the finished lip.

The combination of heat and pressure not only changes the shape of the lip, it also changes the metal structure. The forged metal is more resistant to cracking, to impacts and bending forces than cast metal. Thus the “spun” lips can be made thinner and lighter than cast lips without any loss of strength.

The competition experience of TSW has led the company to focus on other aspects of wheel manufacture that produce more performance per dollar spent than the forging process does. First of all, the molds used by TSW are machined to very exacting measurements, which reduces the amount of machining necessary to finish the wheels. The wheel is close to finished when it leaves the mold. All that is needed before the machining of the bolt pattern, hub bore and finishing, is trimming of a very limited amount of excess metal.

For a wheel to perform properly it has to be perfectly hub centric, perfectly round, perfectly straight and perfectly balanced. This is where TSW puts its focus in manufacturing, because no matter how expensive and strong the metal is, if the wheel doesn’t measure up to the highest standards in these respects, it will never perform in a satisfactory manner.

All the TSW wheels are precision machined to be hub centric, with an adaptor hub ring supplied for some applications. The TSW wheels produced under brand names dedicated to specific car manufacturers all have perfect hub centric fitment without adaptor rings.