Tyre Buying Guide


Your guide to choosing the best tyres for your car and budget.

For over 20 years, our trusted team of trained technicians and sales staff has helped our Baulkham Hills customers drive away on safe, stylish, superior tyres.

But buying tyres can be complicated. With so many brands and sizes and styles, how do you choose the best wheels for your car and budget?

We’re here to help.

There’s no question too curly for our family-focused team to answer. And because Tyre King is 100% independent, you can be confident our advice is suited to your situation and specifications – and not to push a particular product or brand.

Check out some commonly asked questions below – or ask us about anything else.

Top tyre buying tips – Your questions answered

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How should I choose tyres for my car?

Begin by finding out your car model, year and wheel size. Also check the manual to see if you need special load rated tyres – usually for a ute or van.

If you’re unsure, we’re happy to find out for you.

How much should I spend on new tyres?

We know everyone has their own budget to stick to. That’s why we present you with three different tyres at three different price points – budget, intermediate, and premium.

And because of our unmatched buying power and solid industry relationships, we can offer competitively priced products in each category. That means you get the absolute best value for money – guaranteed.

See our selection of tyres.

What should I look for when comparing tyres?

Always check the manufacture date on the sidewall of the tyre. Tyres older than three or four years lose their effectiveness and become brittle.

When should I replace my tyres?

You should replace your tyres every four years or 40,000 kilometres. Like most things, regular maintenance will extend the life of the tyre.

Maintaining pressures and regular balance and rotation are essential.  For some customers, nitrogen inflation is a great alternative because it maintains the correct pressures far longer than air alone.

What are some common tyre problems?

Irregular tyre wear can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Under-inflation or over-inflation
  • Shock absorber wear
  • Impact damage
  • Incorrect fitment
  • Under load rating
  • Incorrect rolling diameter
  • Wrong tread application

You can avoid these problems by carrying out regular maintenance and servicing.

How long does it take to have tyres inspected, repaired or installed?

At Tyre King, our goal is to provide the best products and service at the best price, as fast as possible. And while service times depend on how busy we are, we always endeavor to get the job done quickly (without sacrificing our supreme standards of workmanship) so you can get back to your day. Generally, expect around 20 to 30 minutes for inspection and repair, and 45 minutes for installation. If you opt for wheel alignment, this can take a little longer.

We will always let you know the estimated time before getting started. And Stockland Mall is only a walk away, so you can run errands or grab a bite to eat while we work.